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About Us

Originating from the automatic nucleic acid department established by “Taigen Bioscience Co., Ltd.” in 2000, LabTurbo has been focusing on the development of nucleic acid-applied automatic technology, products preparation, and sales in the past 20 years. LabTurbo has successively obtained more than 10 patents across Taiwan, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and many other countries, and has been preparing for the global gene detection market. Due to the substantial progress of the global gene detection and molecular diagnostics market, LabTurbo Biotech Corporation was officially established in June 2019 for the research, manufacture and provision of fast, accurate, automated and high throughput gene detection systems and kits. We invested the funds in the development of fully automated, full-process gene testing systems, and diversified the applications of LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR System for global market expansion.

What we do?

At LabTurbo Biotech Corporation, we devote full effort to the research, manufacture and provision of fast, accurate, automated and high throughput gene detection systems and kits. We focus on the development of multi-target detection panels with complete automation detection procedure to bring the the world the faster, highly sensitive, and standardized molecular testing to overcome the challenge of highly complex testing procedure and shortage of skillful technicians. We offer direct sales and technical support to global customers. We also welcome distributors and ODM customers to share the LabTurbo innovation to the world.

LabTurbo systems use the proprietary membrane column and vacuum technology for fully automated nucleic acid extraction. Due to the outstanding detection sensitivity, LabTurbo systems were used by American Red Cross to perform lyme disease nucleic acid testing in nearly 90,000 transfusion blood samples. The research results were published on the prestigious medical journal “The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM),” and subsequently obtained the FDA approval of Class III medical device. These honors proved that LabTurbo’s automated systems and products are in line with the top standards around the world.

Our Progress

LabTurbo’s customers are across nearly 40 institutions in Taiwan. They include hospitals at all levels, reference laboratories, universities, the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Forensic Department of the National Police Agency, Taiwan Centers of Disease Control, and Animal Health Research Institute. The customers overseas are mainly in the United States, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Israel, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. LabTurbo will strive to extend the business to the global gene detection market and expand the applications of automated gene testing.

About Taigen and LabTurbo

About LabTurbo

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