LabTurbo™ AIO COVID-19/ FLU A/ FLU B/ RSV RNA Testing Kit


LabTurbo™ AIO COVID-19/ FLU A/ FLU B/ RSV RNA Testing Kit is a multiplex real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) diagnostic product for RNA detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), FLU A, FLU B, and RSV in upper respiratory tract.

The multiplex reaction detects RdRP gene (COVID-19), M gene (Flu A), M gene (Flu B), N gene (RSV) and RNase P gene (internal control) in one well. It provides high detection sensitivity, long reagent stability, and user-friendly operation. Compatible with LabTurbo AIO systems and commercial qPCR systems.

Target Gene

COVID-19: RdRP gene
Influenza A: M gene
Influenza B: M gene
RSV: N gene
Internal Control: RNaseP gene

Limit Of Detection

RdRP gene (COVID-19): 1 copy/ul
M gene (Flu A): 2.5 copies/ul
M gene (Flu B): 12.5 copies/ul
N gene (RSV): 25 copies/ul


Primer/Probe mixture CFR (PM CFR),
Reverse Transcriptase plus (RT+),
PCR Master Mix (MM),
Positive Control, Negative Control

Compatible System

LabTurbo AIO Systems and qPCR systems on the market

Detection Channel

FLU A: Cy5
RSV: Texas Red
IC: Cy5.5



Advantages and Features

The Optimal qPCR Kit for COVID-19 and Flu Detection

User-friendly Preparation

Simply pool all tubes together. No pipetting or calculation needed!

Fantastic Reagent Stability

Reagents can be pre-mixed (in-use) and stored at 2-8 ° for 3 days!

High Sensitivity

High sensitivity for accurate COVID-19 FLU A,  FLU B and RSV detection and avoid false negative results.  

Multiplex Reaction

Detect COVID-19/ FLU A/ FLU B/ RSV and internal control genes simultaneously in one reaction per PCR well. Save reagents, time, and effort.

Product Specifications

LabTurbo™ AIO COVID-19/ FLU A/ FLU B/ RSV RNA Testing Kit (Acfr34567)
Component Description Quantity
Primer/Probe mixture CFR For SARS-COV-2, FLU A, FLU B, RSV and IC 4 X 300 µl
Reverse Transcriptase plus (RT+) For reverse transcription 4 × 175 µl
PCR Master Mix (MM) For polymerase chain reaction 4 × 1.5 ml
CFR Positive Control (PC CFR) RNA mixture of SARS-CoV-2, FLU A, FLU B, RSV 4 X 80 μl
RNase-free Water Component of RT-qPCR 1 × 1.5 ml

Storage and Shipping Condition