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LabTurbo™ AIO Urinary Panel PCR Detection Reagents

Real-time PCR reagents intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from the common urinary tract infection pathogens in human urine specimens. The assays were established by the full automation method using LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR system (LabTurbo AIO), LabTurbo stool DNA Mini kit (LSD-480-400) for nucleic acid extraction and LabTurbo AIO Urinary Panel PCR Detection Reagents for qPCR assay.



Improved Detection Sensitvity

Detect nonviable organisms that did not survive transport, organisms difficult to cultivate, and organisms present low numbers.


Reduced Turnaround Time

Finish 16 urinary pathogen detection in 3 hours, then every 16 detections in 1.5 hours. Avoid the 24- 48 hour turn around time by culture method.


Sample-to-result Procedure

Fully integrated for urinary pathogen DNA extraction,  PCR setup liquid-handling and real-time PCR pathogen detection with LabTurbo AIO system. No manual steps needed in between.


Great reagent stability and user-friendliness

Store at -20 °C for up to one year. Ship at 4-8 °C. Store at 4-8 °C for up to 3 days after mixing (in-use) for AUT11309611. Avoid more than 5 freeze-thaw cycles. Additionally,  we offer pre-aliquoted components for customer convenience in configuration and usage.

Detection Targets

Gram Positive BacteriaGramNegative BacteriaFungus
Enterococcus faeclumAcinetobacter baumannilMycoplasma hominisCandida albicans
Staphylococcus aureusCitrobacter freundiiProteus mirabilisCandidaglabrata
Staphylococcus saprophyticusEnterobacter cloacaeProvidencia stuartilCandida tropicalis
Streptococcus agalactiaeEscherichia coliPseudomonas aeruginosa
Aerococcus urinaeKlebsiella oxytocaSerratia marcescens
Klebsiella pneumoniaUreaplasma urealyticum
Morganella morganlIKlebslellaaerogenes

Product Description

Primer/Probe mixture UTI 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8For recognization of the specific bacterialnuclei acid targets.1 X 240 ul (20 X)for each kind of multiplex master mix. 8 kinds of multiplex master mixes are included.
PCR Master Mix (MM)For polymerase chain reaction8 X 1200 ul
CFR Positive Control (PC)DNAmixture ofall thetargets1 x 12 ul (50 X)
RNase-free waterForMasterMix preparationa n d negativecontrol4 x 1.5 ml

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