LabTurbo™ Biotech

LabTurbo Biotech, a biotech business specializing in the development

LabTurbo Biotech, a biotech business specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of nucleic acid extraction reagents, fully automated instruments and molecular diagnostic reagents, and automated instrument customization services.

LabTurbo Team is well-versed and knowledgeable in molecular diagnostic and scientific research. In addition to providing customer support, we also learn a lot about consumers’ needs and what researchers think for. We also supported core R&D in LabTurbo Biotech, in which we obtained a solid foundation and skill sets for our work. Our strong background ensures that we not only have basic customer service, but also a lot of specific and deep information to help customers overcome several issues that they know or have not found.

We produce an efficient evaluation of on-site consumer needs in accordance with our job patterns and client interaction experience, ensuring that business offerings are updated to meet the evolving expectations of customers.

We ensure that the improvements needed by the clients are addressed in a timely manner. We have the opportunity and inertial versatility to change plans and ensure that services provided to the consumers exceed their expectations. We are able to meet the needs of clients through our excellent listening, decision-making, and
customer service abilities.

As the customer service specialist, we demonstrate a strong degree of loyalty and devotion to our duties. This spurred us to successfully complete our business trip in the United States for a high-complexity research and molecular diagnostic laboratory installing LabTurbo 48 Compact System. To sustain a good customer relationship, we offer prompt assistance whenever customers have requests and questions. Our willingness to assist in an on-site review of increasing consumer needs with extraordinarily strong consistency and decision-making capabilities to maintain optimal client satisfaction. This would continue to ensure that the evolving expectations of consumers are met in the decision to solve the issue by liaising with the appropriate business agencies, contributing to improved consumer service.