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LabTurbo™ COVID-19 RNA Testing Platform

Complete package for sample-to-result COVID-19 detection

Complete Package and Selections for COVID-19 Testing

LabTurbo™ AIO COVID-19 Testing Airport and Border Control Solution

Streamlined COVID-19 Testing in 3 simple steps


Specimen Collection


COVID-19 Detection



swab or saliva in


Load samples tubes
directly onto
LabTurbo AIO for


interpretation of the
qPCR results for
automatic COVID-19

Throughput for
two units

48 samples in 1.5 hours. 96 samples in 2 hours.

Fast and large
scale screening

15 systems 30 systems
1.5 hour 360 detections 720 detections
2 hour 720 detections 1440 detections

Working Mode

Maximize the throughput by starting run 2 when run 1 qPCR starts.
Get hundreds of COVID-19 detection results in every hour.

LabTurbo™  Specimen Collection Kit

Designed for simple, safe, and stable COVID-19 specimen collection

Sterile Swab+VTM Tube

Sterile nasopharyngeal swab with a snap point for easy specimen collection

Virus Inactivation

COVID-19 is disintegrated and inactivated when in contact with the VTM

Room Temperature Transportation

Send the collection tubes in room temperature

Stabilized for qPCR Testing

The VTM stabilizes the COVID-19 RNA to preserve the best COVID-19 testing outcomes

LabTurbo™ AIO Sample-to-result COVID Testing Platform

LabTurbo™ AIO 48

LabTurbo™ Viral RNA
Extraction Kit

LabTurbo™ COVID-19
RNA Testing Kit

Multiplex Detection Targets

Detect COVID-specific N1gene, coronavirus E gene, and human RnaseP gene in one PCR well. RdRp gene detection available for further COVID detection confirmation.

Continuous Working Mode

Run batches of extraction and qPCR at the same time. Process 400 to 800 samples per system per day with a 24-hour working schedule.

Sample-to-result Procedure

LabTurbo COVID-19 testing platform automates the whole detection procedure from the sample to PCR results. Get 1 to 48 COVID testings done in 1.5 - 2 hours!

Outstanding Sensitivity

COVID-19 limit of detection (LoD) at 1 copies/ul. Get accurate testing results and avoid false-negative detection.

Automated workflow

Functions :

  • Sample-to-result COVID-19 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 gene identification:
  • Sample transfer, virus inactivation, COVID-19 RNA purification, PCR setup,qPCR, COVID-19 RNA CT value report
  • Test targets: N1 & RdRp genes of SARS-CoV-2, E gene of coronavirus, human RnaseP for internal control.
  • Throughput: 1 to 48 sample-to-result detections within 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Sample type: nasopharyngeal swab and swab preservation medium.
  • PCR reagent can be pre-mixed (in-use) and stored in 4 degree Celcius for 6 days

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