LabTurbo™ DNA/ RNA Extraction Kits

All LabTurbo Kits use silica membrane-chaotropic technology for puirfications of high-quality DNA/ RNA from a wide range of samples.

Each kit is designed for automated processing on LabTurbo AIO and extraction systems.
Purified nucleic acids are free of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities.

The purified DNA/ RNA are ready to use of highly sensitive detection in downstream assays, such as PCR, real-time PCR, NGS, SNP, or other enzymatic reaction.



Improve Sensitivity

Scalable sample input volume (0.2 – 2.0 ml) and elution volume (25 ul – 200 ul) for improved sensitivity. Beneficial for infectious disease testing and NGS for cancer detection and HLA-typing


Outstanding DNA/ RNA Quality

LabTurbo kits use membrane column and vacuum technology for the best nucleic acid purification outcomes. Avoid impurities, carry-over, and cross-contamination


Reliable and Consistent

Membrane column method reduces the test failure rate and false-negative results from challenging sample types such as blood, urine, stool, and sputum


User-friendly design and storage

Simplify worktable setup with the 6-tube strips format of all consumables and ready-to-use reagents. All kits are stable in room temperature for up to 1 year

Extraction Kits

KitsLabTurbo DNA Mini KitLabTurbo Viral DNA+RNA Mini Kit
TargetsGenomic DNADNA+RNA
FeatureFast and pure genomic DNA extraction from various sample typesHigh recovery of DNA/ RNA from samples with low nucleic acid concentraction
Sample TypesBlood/ Buffy coat/ Saliva/ Biological fluids/ Cell culture/ Bacterial culture/ Milk/ Foodstuff/ Animal tissue/ Plant tissueSerum/ Plasma/ Blood/ Saliva/ Nasopharynegeal swab medium/ Biological fluids/ Cell culture/ FFPE tissue/ Animal tissue/ Plant tissue
Input Volume0.3 – 2.0 ml0.3 – 2.0 ml
Application1. Genomic and bacterial DNA detection for HLA typing, genotyping, bacterial infection testing, pathogen testing)
2. Foodstuff DNA detection (for food safety inspection, food source)
1. Virus DNA/ RNA detection (for COVID, Flu, respiratory pathogen, and infectious disease detection)
2. Circulating DNA extraction for NGS (for NIPD, cancer cfDNA detection)
3.Tissue DNA/ RNA extraction ( for gene expression identification)

KitsLabTurbo Forensic DNA Mini KitLabTurbo Stool DNA+RNA Mini Kit
TargetsForensic and Genomic DNA from dry samplesDNA+RNA from challenging sample types
FeatureFully automated for dry samples and forensic samples. No manual pretreatment needed. Enhanced impurity removal from challenging sample types. Better sensitivity and testing consistency.
Sample TypesDry swab/ Buccal swab/ Dried blood spot/ FTA cards/ Forensic samplesStool and its collection medium/ Urine and its collection medium/ Vaginal swab and its collection medium/ soil/ Waste and sewage water
Input VolumeOne sample per wellLiquid sample: 0.3 – 1 ml / Solid sample: up to 200 mg
Application1. Dry swab and dried sample genomic DNA detection ( for HLA- typing, genotyping, paternity identification.
2. Forensic DNA detection ( for forensic STR identification, criminal identification)
1. Bacterial and viral DNA/ RNA detection ( for UTI, GI, STD, Women’s health pathogen testing, public health monitoring)
2. Environmental bacterial and viral DNA/ RNA detection ( for environmental microflora monitoring)

Performance: Genomic DNA Recovery Performance Evaluation (for DNA Mini Kit)

Sample TypeInput AmountYieldConcentraction (For 100 μl Elution)
Human Whole blood220 μl3-8 μg30-80 ng/μl
Human Whole blood300 μl4-10 μg40-100 ng/μl
Human Whole blood500 μl6-15 μg60-150 ng/μl
Human Whole blood1000 μl15-45 μg150-450 ng/μl
Human Whole blood2000 μl35-100 μg350-1000 ng/μl
Mouse liver (10 mg)300 μl20-40 μg200-400 ng/μl
Mouse lung (10 mg)300 μl7-13 μg70-130 ng/μl
Mouse tail (0.5-1cm)300 μl4-10 μg40-100 ng/μl
Mouse stool (30 mg)300 μl10-50 μg100-500 ng/μl
Culture cell ( 5 x 106 cells)300 μl20 -30 μg200-300 ng/μl
Rice leaf (20 mg)300 μl4-8 μg40-80 ng/μl
Oil palm leaf (50 mg)300 μl1.5-4.5 μg15-45 ng/μl

Performance: Total RNA Recovery Performance Evaluation (for DNA + RNA Mini Kit)

Sample TypeInput AmountYieldConcentraction (For 100 μl Elution)
Human Whole blood (from 1 ml) 500 μl3-6 μg30-60 ng/μl
Human whole blood (from 3ml)1000 μl5-12 μg50-120 ng/μl
Arabidopsis leaf (100mg)1000 μl30-45 μg300-450 ng/μl
Mouse liver (10mg)1000 μl20-40 μg200-400 ng/μl
Chicken liver (10mg)1000 μl10-20 μg100-200 ng/μl
Mouse muscle (15 mg)1000 μl5-15 μg50-150 ng/μl

Performance: Viral DNA/ RNA Recovery Performance Evaluation
(for DNA + RNA Mini Kit)

(Using same HBV origin for testing different input amount, HBV concentration = 5x10^5 IU/ml)

Sample TypeInput AmountTargetqPCR CT VALUE
Serum500 μlHBV24.5
Serum1000 μlHBV24.2
Serum1000 μlHBV23.2
Serum1000 μlHBV22.4

(Using same HCV origin for testing different input amount, HCV concentration = 5.2x10^4 IU/ml)

Sample TypeInput AmountTargetqPCR CT VALUE
Serum220 μlHCV29.3
Serum300 μlHCV29.1
Serum500 μlHCV28.4
Serum1000 μlHCV27.5

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