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LabTurbo™ Liquid Handling Systems

Fast and Precise PCR setup for 96 & 384-well plate

Fast and Precise PCR setup for 96 & 384-well plate

LabTurbo™ Liquid Handling Systems

Versatile multifunctional liquid-handling system for 96 and 384 well plate setup, serial dilution, sample normalization, reagent preparation, ELISA, and general tube-to-plate transfer. Achieve consistent results and avoid handling errors.

Complete Automation of Molecular Testing

Unique Integrated Functions

Fast Liquid-Handling

Master mixes and sample transfer in 15 minutes

Cherry-picking Transfer

Transfer any master mixes and any samples to any wells

Pair with LabTurbo Extractor

Load samples directly from extractor without touching samples

Product Specifications

Specification LabTurbo LHR
Dimension 60 x 62 x 80 cm (26 x 21 x 28 in) Weight 60 kg
Throughput Up to 20 mastermix and 96 samples transfer in 10 minutes for 96 well plate. Up to 20 mastermix and 96 samples transfer in 35 minutes for 384 well plate
Volume 5 to 30 ul per well for master mix, 2 to 30 ul per well for sample
Pipette system 6-pipette channel. Span 9mm-18mm. Tube to 96-well plate transfer. Volume range: 2 - 250 μl; Precision: CV<5%
Working Unit 8" Touch panel PC/Windows 10, UV light, Robotic arm set, 20 well master mix rack, 96-well plate rack, 96 Eppendorf tube rack, 96-well plate cooling plate (10 °C)
Function Cherry-picking well-to-well transfer, PCR setup layout import by Excel, UV light sterilization
Software Preinstalled software for Assay (PCR) setup, Graphical user interface, Worktable setup checklist
Operating Condition Temperature: 15-30 °C, Humidity: 10-75%
Power requirement 110-220V, 50-60 Hz, 800 W