Mention in Publications

Increasing Cytomegalovirus

Detection Rate from

Respiratory Tract Specimens

by a New Laboratory-

Developed Automated

Molecular Diagnostic Test

Microorganisms. 2020 Jul

16;8(7):1063. doi:


Novel automated sample-

to-result SARS-CoV-2


RT-PCR assay for high-


testing using LabTurbo AIO 48

system Clinica Chimica

Acta Volume 514, March 2021,

Pages 54-58

Screening for Babesia

microti in the U.S.

Blood Supply

N Engl J Med


Investigational screening for

Babesia microti in a large

repository of blood donor samples

from nonendemic and endemic

areas of the United States

TRANSFUSION 2014;54:2226-2236

Qualitative and quantitative

comparison of cell-free DNA

and cell-free fetal DNA isolation by

four (semi-)automated extraction

methods: impact in twoclinical

applications: chimerism

quantification and noninvasive

prenatal diagnosis

J Transl Med. 2021; 19: 15. 

Incidence and Factors Associated

with False Positives in Laboratory

Diagnosis of Norovirus Infection by

Amplification of the RNA-

Dependent RNA Polymerase Gene

PLos ONE September 2014 |

Volume 9 | Issue 9 | e109876

Emerged HA and NA Mutants of the

Pandemic Influenza H1N1 Viruses

with Increasing Epidemiological

Significance in Taipei and


Taiwan, 2009–10

PLos ONE 7(2): e31162

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