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Novel automated

sample-to-result SARS-CoV-2


RT-PCR assay

for high throughput

testing using

LabTurbo AIO 48 system

Volume 514,

March 2021, Pages 54-58


high throughput

COVID-19 detection

Investigation  of One Familial Cluster   

of COVID-19 in Taiwan:

Differentiation of Genetic

Variation Among Isolates and

Implications for

Epidemiological Investigation

and Surveillance by

Genomic Assay Infect Drug Resist.

2021; 14: 971–977. 

COVID-19 variant


investigation with LabTurbo

Qualitative and quantitative

comparison of cell-free DNA

and cell-free fetal DNA

isolation by

four (semi-) automated extraction

methods: impact in two

clinical applications:

chimerism quantification and

noninvasive prenatal

diagnosis Pedini et al. J Transl Med

(2021) 19:15

Highest RhD-cffDNA

purification efficiency by

LabTurbo system for NIPD

Investigational screening

for. Babesia microti in

a large

repository of blood donor

samples from nonendemic

and endemic areas of the

United States



13,269 blood samples

tested with LabTurbo

Screening for Babesia

microti in the U.S. Blood


N Engl J Med




89,135 blood samples

tested with LabTurbo

Incidence and Factors

Associated with False

Positives in Laboratory

Diagnosis of Norovirus

Infection by Amplification of

the RNA-Dependent RNA

Polymerase Gene

September 2014 | Volume 9 |

Issue 9 |e109876  

Stool Norovirus

detection with LabTurbo


Comparison of the

AdvanSure HBV Real-time

PCR Testwith Three Other

HBV DNA Quantification

Assays Annals of Clinical

&. Laboratory Science, vol.

43,no. 2, 2013

Reliable method for

quantifying HBV DNA

levels in routine

laboratory testing with

LabTurbo system

Human Papillomavirus-16

Infection in Advanced Oral

Cavity Cancer Patients Is

Related to an

Increased Risk

of Distant Metastases and

Poor Survival July 2012 |

Volume 7 | Issue 7 | e40767

HPV detection with

LabTurbo system

Emerged HA and NA Mutants

of the Pandemic Influenza

H1N1 Viruses with Increasing

Epidemiological Significance

in Taipei and Kaohsiung,

Taiwan, 2009


Accurate Influenza H1N1

identification using

LabTurbo systems



Multicenter study evaluating one multiplex

RT-PCR assay to detect SARS-CoV-2,

influenza A/B,  and respiratory syncytia virus

using the LabTurbo AIO open platform:

epidemiological features,

automated sample-to-result, and

high-throughput testing.


Multicenter study

evaluating novel


pooling assay for the detection

of SARS-CoV-2:

High sensitivity and

high throughput testing