SP-qPCR All-in-one Systems
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Advanced Automation and Gene Detection Technology
Innovative automation, reliable DNA/RNA purification and optimized optical detection
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Complete COVID-19 Testing Solutions
Find the automation systems and kits optimized for your applications and needs
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Complete Automation

Sample-to-result automation for molecular testing

Optimized Gene Detection

Ultra-pure DNA/RNA and optimized optical detection technology for best testing sensitivity

Accurate and Consistent

Streamlined mechanical processing and quality for utmost accurate and consistent results


Featured Products

LabTurbo™ SP-qPCR AIO System

Sample-to-result gene detection. 48 pathogen detection in 2.5 hours. Continuous working mode: run DNA/RNA extraction and qPCR simultaneously and independently. Multi-channel detection: FAM HEX…

LabTurbo™ 48 DNA/RNA Extraction Systems

LabTurbo DNA/RNA extraction systems offer complete automation: sample transfer + DNA/RNA extraction + PCR setup. Fast procedure: 48 sample extraction in 40 minutes…

LabTurbo™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

LabTurbo kits can effectively purify Genomic DNA, Viral DNA, Viral DNA+RNA, Total RNA, Circulating DNA, and Genomic DNA. Our membrane column and vacuum technology allow concise extraction…

LabTurbo™ AIO COVID-19 RNA Testing Kit

Multiplex RT-PCR diagnostic product for SARS-CoV-2 RNA (COVID-19) detection. Target: COVID-19 N1 gene, RdRP gene, coronavirus E gene, and RNaseP gene (internal control) multiplex in one well. Sensitivity…

LabTurbo™ Liquid Handling Systems

Fast and Precise PCR setup for 96 & 384-well plate. Versatile multifunctional liquid-handling system for 96 and 384 well plate setup, serial dilution, sample normalization, reagent preparation, ELISA…

LabTurbo™ Specimen Collection Kit

The LabTurbo Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection and Transportation Kit (LS0610) is intended for the collection and transportation of nasopharyngeal specimen for nucleic acid testing. The nylon-flocked…

About Us

Dedication to High-Quality Molecular Testing

LabTurbo Biotech Corporation is specialized in the automation of
DNA and RNA applications. Our dedication is to develop fully
automated systems with high quality kits and consumables to
facilitate the scientists and laboratories complete complicated
pathogen and disease screening procedure with streamlined
process, quality results, and optimal lab efficiency. We endeavor to
invent innovative molecular testing devices and contribute to better
global health.


Why Choose LabTurbo?

Our professional team is ready to bring you a brand new experience of innovative molecular testing and comprehensive support

High Quality Systems and Kits

Accurate and Consistent Outcomes

Comprehensive Technical Support

Expert Team of Gene Detection

Latest News & Blogs

National Innovation Award

National Innovation Award on December 1st, LabTurbo also won the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research and Development Award given by the …

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The Ministry of Health and Welfare

The Ministry of Health and Welfare partnered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to hold a ceremony to award the 2020 …

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LabTurbo Granted Approval

On November 11th, 2020, LabtTurbo BioTech Corporation, the subsidiary corporation of Taigen Bioscience Corporation, was added to the list of approved …

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Mentions in Publications

Novel automated sample-to-result

SARS-CoV-2 laboratory-developed

RT-PCR assay for high-throughput

testing using LabTurbo AIO 48

system Clinica Chimica

Acta Volume 514, March 2021,

Pages 54-58

Screening for Babesia

microti in the U.S.

Blood Supply

N Engl J Med


Investigational screening for

Babesia microti in a large

repository of blood donor samples

from nonendemic and endemic

areas of the United States

TRANSFUSION 2014;54:2226-2236

Qualitative and quantitative

comparison of cell-free DNA

and cell-free fetal DNA isolation by

four (semi-)automated extraction

methods: impact in twoclinical

applications: chimerism

quantification and noninvasive

prenatal diagnosis

J Transl Med. 2021; 19: 15.

Incidence and Factors Associated

with False Positives in Laboratory

Diagnosis of Norovirus Infection by

Amplification of the RNA-

Dependent RNA Polymerase Gene

PLos ONE September 2014 |

Volume 9 | Issue 9 | e109876

Emerged HA and NA Mutants of the

Pandemic Influenza H1N1 Viruses

with Increasing Epidemiological

Significance in Taipei and


Taiwan, 2009–10

PLos ONE 7(2): e31162

LabTurbo’s Certificates


US FDA registered

Taiwan FDA approved


ISO 13485

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