Favorgen ™ Manual Extraction Kits

Favorgen offers a range of manual extraction kits designed to facilitate efficient and reliable nucleic acid purification. These kits are optimized for various sample types and provide high-quality DNA or RNA suitable for a wide range of downstream applications.



Nucleic Acid Purification Columns

Provide high-quality purification columns that enable fast and reliable nucleic acid isolation


Wide Range Of Extraction Kits

Plasmid Extraction, DNA / RNA Extraction, Viral DNA Extraction, Circulating DNA/ RNA


Wide Range Of Application

PCR, blooting, DNA Sequencing, Molecular coloning, genotyping, disease research


Trusted Partner Worldwide

Trusted partner for researchers and scientists worldwide. Their products are used in diverse fields, including genetics, genomics, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical research. Over 50 distributors worldwide



ISO 13485, ISO9001, QMS. Qualified factory is equipped with automated systems for production of high-quality molecular biology products & clinical chemistry reagents.


Technical Support

Well-equipped scientists to address a wide range of technical queries, from product usage instructions to experimental design considerations


ODM/OEM Customized Mass Production Solutions

Team of experts works closely with customers to develop tailored solutions that address unique experimental needs

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