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Versatility and Flexibility

Detect multiple targets from various sample types. Suitable for diverse applications.

LabTurbo™ systems are suitable for extracting DNA and RNA from various sample types. Together with LabTurbo kits, the systems provide purified nucleic acid and detection for diverse applications in clinical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and forensic fields. It’s ideal for laboratories performing multiple testing panels.

Targets Genomic DNA Viral DNA/RNA Bacterial DNA Circulating DNA Cell-free DNA Total RNA Micro RNA Forensic DNA
Applications •Clinical screening •HLA typing •COVID-19 detection •Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) •HIV/HBV/HCV •HPV •Bacteremia •Urinary tract infection (UTI) •Bacteria identification •Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (NIPD) •Cancer detection Cancer detection •Gene expression •Genetic research •Disease screening •Cancer detection •Forensic science •Paternity test

Complete Automation for Gene Detection

Consistent results, high sensitivity, reduced manpower, optimized efficiency

LabTurbo™ systems are designed to achieve complete automation for the whole molecular testing process. The automation covers all the procedures for quality molecular testing workflow, such as sample barcoding, pretreatment, reagent preparation, liquid-handling, nucleic acid extraction, real-time PCR, and detection report. The complete automation ensures consistent testing results with high detection sensitivity and optimized lab efficiency. The reduced manpower and elevated throughput further optimize the cost-effectiveness of the whole testing.



DNA/RNA extraction

PCR Setup

Real-time PCR

Result Analysis

LabTurbo R Brand Q Brand P Brand T Brand
Auto Barcode v Manual sliding Only for 24 model Manual sliding Only for 96 model Only for Prime model x
Sampling from primary tube v Only for 24 model Only for 96 model Only for Prime model x
Auto reagent filling v Pre-filled with fixed volume Pre-filled with fixed volume v x
Internal control (IC) addition v Only for 24 model Only for 96 model x x
Heat lysis on deck v v v x v
DNA/RNA binding v v v v v
Eluate to plate transfer v x x x x
PCR setup v x x x x
qPCR v x x x x

Better Testing Sensitivity

Individual membrane column and vacuum technology for optimal DNA/RNA quality and testing sensitivity

LabTurbo™ systems use individual membrane column and vacuum technology for the best DNA/RNA purification and gene detection performance. LabTurbo’s innovative design allows large sample input (0.2-2 ml) with a small elution volume (50-200 ul), providing enhanced testing sensitivity. The wash-away purification style effectively removes the impurities and avoids any inhibitor carry-over. The individual membrane column also avoids contamination during the purification process.

LabTurbo Membrane Column Technology

Technology LabTurbo membrane column and vacuum Magnetic beads
Wash style Wash-away Dipping
DNA/RNA quality High Mediocre
DNA/RNA recovery rate High Mediocre from bead loss or challenging specimen type
Sample input volume 0.2 to 2 ml (flexible and scalable volume) Mostly between 0.2-0.5 ml (limited and fixed volume)
Testing sensitivity High Mediocre
Impurity carry-over None Unavoidable
Cross-contamination risk Low risk from delicate liquid- handling and separated sample placement High risk from fast bead agitation and side-by-side sample placement

Magnetic Beads Technology

Continuous Working Mode

Use the systems to the fullest extent. Achieve maximum throughput per system.

The LabTurbo™  extraction and qPCR functions can be operated independently in order to achieve maximum testing efficiency and provide great flexibility of system use. Different batches of samples can go through DNA/RNA extraction and qPCR at the same time to maximize the system efficiency and shorten the overall time for testing hundreds of samples.

Throughput Solutions

More quality testings with less manpower and time

LabTurbo™ offers great solutions for increasing the throughput of sample processing via complete automation, simple workflow, and faster turnaround time. Simply put the samples and plastic consumables into the system and get the qPCR detection results in 2.5 hours. The full automation successfully reduces the overall testing time by 47.9% compared to the manual method (cited from publication Novel automated sample-to-result SARS-CoV-2 laboratory-developed RT-PCR assay for high-throughput testing using LabTurbo AIO 48 system).

Overall Time Comparison for 96 Sample Extraction and PCR sSetup

System Pipette sample Plastic/ reagent setup DNA/RNA Extraction PCR setup Total time for 96 samples
LabTurbo 48 x 2 Automated in 10 minutes 5 min with auto reagent import 40 minutes Automatic in 10 minutes 65 minutes
R Brand 96 model Manual transfer in 30 minutes 16.5 minutes 56 minutes Manual Setup 15 minutes 117.5 minutes
Q Brand 96 model Automated in 10 minutes 21 minutes 230 minutes Manual Setup 15 minutes 276 minutes

Ideal for Challenging Sample Types

Process challenging samples with ease and better sensitivity

The LabTurbo™ membrane column technology effectively removes impurities from challenging sample types and matrixes such as stool, urine, blood, and soil. With comprehensive DNA and RNA purification, larger sample volume capacity, and ultra-high nucleic acid concentration, the detection sensitivity is greatly improved via LabTurbo systems.

Full Automation for Special Sample Types

Fully automated for buccal swabs, dry blood spots, and forensic samples

The unique automation and mechanical design of LabTurbo systems allow the system to perform delicate pretreatment of buccal swabs, dry blood spots, and forensic samples. Along with the unique consumable design, these samples can be inserted to the LabTurbo plunger tubes and placed directly on the LabTurbo systems for direct automated processing. It effectively increases the throughput and saves substantial time and effort.