2022 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award

2022 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award​

President Tsai Ing-wen met with the recipients of the “2022 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award”. She stated that biotech and medical care are important strategic industries in Taiwan, and the government will continue to invest resources and adjust related laws and regulations to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the biotech and medical industries, and develop them into Taiwan’s next “trillion-dollar industry.”


President Tsai noted that last year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare established the “Intelligent Medical Materials Office” to provide a single-window rapid service for the development of artificial intelligence medical products, and assist the medical and information and communication industries to cooperate across different fields and accelerate the layout of the international market. The legislative branch will also continue to promote the legislation of the “Regenerative Medicine Act” and the “Regenerative Medicine Product Act,” which are of concern to everyone, to make the institutional framework more complete. 

President Tsai also expressed special thanks to the Taiwan Bio Industry Development Association for its long-term combination of industry and academia, laying a solid foundation for Taiwan’s biomedical industry. She also praised the award-winning companies for their outstanding performance not only in the biotech and medical fields but also in supporting epidemic prevention work. For example, Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co. Ltd. actively invested in antiviral drug research and development, LabTurbo Biotech Corporation, improved the quality and quantity of nucleic acid detection through exclusive patents, and Leadgene Bio developed relevant antibody and protein raw material technology to help downstream manufacturers produce rapid screening reagents.

Guests included Wu Chung-hsun, chairman of the Taiwan Bio Industry Development Association, honorary chairman Lee Chung-hsi, and Zhang Wen-chang, chairman of the award committee. They were accompanied by Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Chou Jih-haw and Secretary-General of the Presidential Office Lin Chia-lung.